Leaving the yellow bubble for a while

Leaving the yellow bubble for a while

Last friday was the last working day at the Belsoft Collaboration headquarters for this year 2015. My wife and me are doing a 6 months Honey Moon travel through South East Asia.

Our trip starts in Thailand, which includes, Bangkok, Koh Phangan, and a longer stay in Koh Tao (which we nearly consider as our second home:-).
After Thailand we’ll proceed to Indonesia, Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Sulawesi, Flores, and so on.. We’ll try to stay off the beaten path as much as possible..
After Indonesia? Don’t know yet:-) maybe Philippines, Laos, or some other beautiful place..

Having our diving gear with us, we’re looking forward to do lots and lots of dives in different areas. Getting into practice again in Koh Tao, where i made my Dive Master training 3 years ago. Looking forward to see the Sairee Cottage Dive School crew again 🙂

Not working in the office does not mean i will be lazy: i’m still working on some XPages projects while being remote, especially while being in Thailand, because their internet speed is pretty good. Also i try to finish some draft blog posts, and do some documentation.
Really looking forward to check out what’s happening in Belsoft Collaboration while i’m away: new website, exiting standard product development with Frank van der Linden.. more infos soon…. i’m really exited about it.

Right, we’ll proceed to the gate now.. see you soon..

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