My top 5 wishlist for IBM Notes / IBM Domino Designer, which ones are yours?

My top 5 wishlist for IBM Notes / IBM Domino Designer, which ones are yours?

Notes Client and Designer are very powerful piece of software, but there are some issues, which could make them even better. In my daily work i always bump into the following things. As for the Notes Client related parts: That’s not only me, I heard these topics from nearly every experienced Notes Client user I’ve met…

5. Beloved Workspace: friendlier design and opening applications with a single click.

The workspace and it’s tiles is around for over 10 years now, and although IBM doesn’t show it anymore in the standard Notes Client installation per default, many Notes users are setting it as the default home page. Let’s face it: the hyper user friendly iOS is using the same technique (!!), even Microsoft does it with the Metro theme 1 decade after Notes.. So what’s the reason not pushing it in the Notes Client? IBM, implement these features, and a whole new user community will drop their jaw in awe:

  • Prettier default design of the workspace (there are more colours than grey..) and easier customization (background picture).
  • Single click on tiles instead of double clicks (why getting the cramp on the finger?)
  • Possibility to group tiles (steal ideas back from the iOS! if you do, please implement also the catchy zoom effect when opening a group!), this would be great for developers too: grouping DEV, TEST and PROD Environment of a customer or a project..

notes workspace

4. Notes Client: Logic of “Close Tab / Close All Tabs” menu items.

The “right-mouse-click-on-a-tab-to-close” works like a charm in Domino Designer. With the right mouse click, i can close all, all others, or just the clicked tab.. In the Notes Client, the logic is a little different.. I can close the clicked tab by right mouse, but when i want to close ALL tabs, i have to open the file menu and i find the close all option there (???). I bet many Notes users are not aware that the “close all” action even exists, the same users tend to have dozens and dozens of tabs opened…advise to IBM: leave the “close all” in the file menu, but add the same actions to the tabs right mouse click menu like in Domino Designer..


3. Saving Preferences (Notes Client and Designer).

When i install a new Domino Development Environment, there are a lot of options in the preferences to adjust. So it would be great to save these preferences in a file, which is easily movable from one environment to another.. One example of a preference i always set: Show line numbers.. i simply can’t imagine why a developer doesn’t want to have line number on the side of the code (??) .. will check the possibilities of using policies on this topic..

2. Opening XPages and CustomControls in source view by default.

When an XPage or Custom Control is opened in the Domino Designer it’s displayed in a kind of “WYSIWYG” mode, called “Design”. The source of it, called “Source” contains the XML source of an XPage or Custom Control. Opening an XPage or Custom Control with several, nested Custom Controls may take a while, because the Domino Designer has to render the Design view (WYSIWYG). This view is great to get an overview and to find nested Custom Controls. Nevertheless, i bet hardcore XPage developers hardly never work with this view, and they’re wasting hundreds of clicks a day by switching from the Design Tab to the Source Tab 🙁 so please, please IBM, let us make the decision in the preferences..

1. Validating Expressions (EL) in XPages and Custom Controls

Anybody else had that experience? Some calls to a function in an XPages event handler just don’t work.. debugging, debugging.. minutes later: oh, forgot to add the “}” at the end, or just a small typo in the function name .. I have to say that the validation improved a lot since 8.5 but still: IBM, it would be so great if function calls to Managed Beans (or SSJS) were validated in the XPage or CustomControl.. in this turn, implementing intellisense would be easy, isn’t it? 🙂


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